LooLee(coloring paper rolls educational toys supplier) is specializing in gift collections and children’ s educational toys to effectively communicate our clients’ brand since 2005. Also as an expert in educational toys, we keep providing advanced solutions for world kids’ education.
LooLee offer one-stop complete solution from concept, artwork, design, packaging, sourcing, to production which are main for children’s activities and toys, gifts.

Coloring Paper Rolls

Our knowledge of chemicals, with our core competence in emulsion polymerization adhesive technology, we achieve the perfect combination between paper and adhesive, and we creat of removable coloring rolls.

In 2016, we moved forward with the renewed energy and confidence that the fresher, more modern coloring paper rolls. We developed our commitment to our new slogan, “Coloring the world” which reflects our wish for kids creativity.

Innovate with new technology brand
Self-stick coloring make it easier for kids to color any where, the walls, the ground, the sofas, etc.The function of removable is more convenient to store while it is not finished.

Educational Toys

LooLee gives sales and support for educational toys and RC toys which are on popular trend. Such Programmable Robots,RC Racing Car,Car Track Toys

Benefit we can offer clients

  • Expand Merchandise
  • Leverage Your Brand Power
  • Increase Market Share
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Corporate Philanthropy
  • Bring Art Into kids Life


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