Classification of Children’s Educational Toys

Children’s educational toys are designed and manufactured according to children’s specific age levels. It is related to children’s age and intellectual development level. The toys is premised on the development of certain physiological and psychological functions.

We can classify toys according to children age, toy materials and functions.

We list different toys according to their functions (including but not limited to the following categories):

Number words toys: While training children’s building ability, it can also inspire children to understand the shape, number and quantity of numbers and words accurately.Help to develop fine movements, so as to exercise muscle flexibility.

Tool toys: Children will know and learn the shape, color, structure and function of various tools, in the process of training children’s practical ability and overall coordination ability can be improved during playing .

Jigsaw puzzle toys: improving children’s cognitive ability, analytical ability, increase the sense of geometric space, cultivate imagination, stimulate creativity, exercise the ability of independent thinking, also cultivating children’s patience and perseverance.

Game toys: On the basis of improving children’s cognitive ability, it would cultivate children’s ability of practice and thought, exercise their operational skills and ability of hand-eye coordination, develop their ability of logical thinking, and improve their ability of social communication.

Intelligence Combination toys: Develop children’s spatial imagination and ability of hands-on activities , so as to deepen the perceptual and rational understanding of time, animals, transportation and housing shape, color and so on.

Building blocks: building blocks can stimulate and improve children’s imagination and creativity; help to develop their “spatial wisdom” (such as recognizing object shape, distinguishing spatial orientation, learn two-dimensional and three-dimensional space and its conversion relationship); help to improve the hand-eye coordination ability of babies and stimulate their hands-to-hands interest. Enhance children’s sense of creative achievement.

Rc car toys: By improving children’s knowledge and understanding of the structure of trains, cars and various engineering vehicles, we can train children’s ability of assembly, traction and arrangement, improving their practical awareness and self-care ability, and understanding the transformation relationship between objects through assembly.

Dragging: According to different dragging animals, let them understand the shape characteristics of various animals, improving children’s cognitive ability.Ingenious dragging design, exercise children’s walking ability, exercise their walking ability in a wide range.

Comprehensive toys: The most popular early learning machine/story machine/learning machine for babies nowadays has a variety of functions, including exaggerating cute appearance and rich content resources of early education. Kids can learn interactive games. It is very suitable for early childhood education to cultivate EQ and develop IQ.

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